1969. Years of space conquests and cultural revolutions which changed the world. In that lively context the idea of Matteo Bigica and Luigi Gozzelino stems and grows: in the year 1970 Arti Grafiche BM snc is funded, specialised in commercial manufactures and printouts for other enterprises. In 1972 the first accounting product line is set up, and in 1975 the trademark BM is born. A dynamic company, driven by an innovative and modern thinking: this is the embryo of Be More!
1985. The colourful Eighties see the launch of the notepads and a broadening of the range of BM products. In 1997 BM enters the world of school products and creates its first line of exercise books. The first decade of the new millennium is characterised by growth and development, with production expansion and the introduction of new machinery for the manufacture of paper stationery.
2011. The turning point: the BM Be More project kicks off, leading to a rethinking of the philosophy and the business activities of the company. A new logo is introduced, softer, smoother, more dynamic and more vital. The attention to the creativity and to the aesthetics of the covers grows: a firm commitment to create ever more original and innovative products. Be More means that 40 year of achievements are not enough for us.